We cross the oceans
preserving Amazon rainforest.

We've moved out of our home onto a sailing vessel and hope to welcome you aboard one day.

Adventure awaits

We can finally go and sail for longer periods of time, so we decided to invite everybody we've met during our lives and those interested whom we haven't met yet.

Blessed encounters

Read the Ship's Log and discover life on the water, reducing CO2 footprints, preserving rainforest, meeting new people and the participation of others just like you.

Join us aboard!

The way it is, people are destroying the earth. We need a social, financial and physical exit-strategy or opt-out. Elon goes to Mars. We chose the sea, but saving the planet together is best. Help us.

Why we do what we do

We were personally challenged to preserve nature and finally found an effective way to reduce our footprint while we protect and preserve pristine Amazon rainforest. Get endorsed to join us.

Join Flying Rivers and help preserving rainforest.


By sailing we live towards our lowest possible CO2 footprint. From the savings we preserve rainforest and invite others to help.


Members stay up to date on the sea of change with the Flying Rivers project and help support, preserve and celebrate our planet.


Benefit from and play with the services nature has to offer and help us as we set out to enable effective nature preservation.

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Project Flying Rivers aims to engange others in nature preservation and celebration, starting with the protection of Amazon rainforest.
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The reason Flying Rivers exists is to support the activities of the Brazilian foundation Opção Verde.